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Medium; Medium-Advanced


A.I.—short for Artificial Intelligence—is a contemporary program which depicts the awakening of a machine intelligence which spreads throughout the ensemble as the show progresses. It includes arrangements of Todd Stalter’s “Ignition” and John Mackey’s “Foundry”, as well as an original ballad by John Fannin. With a concept ripped from the headlines of the perhaps not-so-distant future, and visual cues referencing a wide-variety of pop culture science fiction, A.I. is a cutting edge, highly entertaining program which your students will love performing.

A.I. is part of the Complete Concept Series, which includes a detailed storyboard and optional sound design.

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Mvt. 1 (with optional sound design)


Mvt. 2 (winds and percussion only)


Mvt. 3 (winds and percussion only)


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Product Description


Medium; Medium-Advanced

Composed/Arranged by John Fannin and Josh Powell.  Percussion by Josh Powell.  Storyboard design by Jason Shelby.

Optional services and products:

Drill design is available from Jason Shelby.  Contact jason@fanninmusic.com for more information.

Electronic sound design by Jeremy Thompson.  Contact jeremy@fanninmusic.com for more information.

Flags and Color Guard Costumes are available from Band Shoppe.

Props, tarps, blueprints, and building information are available to purchase or lease from from Tiger Props.

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Pricing Includes:

  • Customization
  • Regional exclusivity
  • Customized wind scores and parts (pdf)
  • Partial pit scores (Full percussion available for an additional fee)

Customization Can Include:

  • Changing solos
  • Reducing number of parts
  • Simplifying or “beefing up” any part
  • Cuts
  • Adding new phrases

Show Images created with Pyware 3D®

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Grade Level

Medium; Medium-Advanced