We are making it easy to choose your 2020 marching band show!!!

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Shopping for a Marching Band Show? Aren’t at school to get contracts signed? We have your answer at FMP!

Fully Digital Contracts – All you need to do for this option is to contact us with your full name, best email address to contact you, and the name and email address for the person that will be approving the purchase (Principal or Booster President).  We will then generate a contract for you via DocuSign that will take you through the document and obtain all the needed signatures and information.  THIS METHOD IS SUPER EASY!!!  This is also our preferred method of submission, and might be the easiest way in our current situation.

ALSO THERE IS NEVER a pre-payment required to get your show at FMP!

Contact us today and we can give you other flexible payment and contract options.  These are crazy days…let us know how we can reduce your stress!


Be sure to vist the NEW FOR 2020 page to see all of the new content.  We’re continuing to add more modules for these shows, so check back often to see what is new.  Also be sure to check out our Complete Concept Series, Scott Koter Signature Series, and the Rosie Queen Signature Series.  All of those series include marching band music and storyboards or design documents (color guard costumes, flag design, sound design, and prop design are also available for purchase).

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Josh PowellWe are making it easy to choose your 2020 marching band show!!!