New Marching Band Shows for 2020

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The 2020 marching band season is quickly approaching and we are ready to make sure you have a great year.  We have added 13 new marching band shows as well as new material for some of our past shows.  Visit the NEW FOR 2020 page to see all of the new content.  We’re continuing to add more modules for these shows, so check back often to see what is new.  Also be sure to check out our Complete Concept Series, Scott Koter Signature Series, and the Rosie Queen Signature Series.  All of those series include marching band music and storyboards or design documents (color guard costumes, flag design, sound design, and prop design are also available for purchase).


March 13: Added more design images for Thrones.

March 5: Added new images for Kitty Hawk.

March 4: Added a new sample design document for Shed and new full percussion for Divided Mvt. 3.

March 3: New sound design for Shed is available.

February 26: New full percussion for Divided Mvt. 2 is available.

February 24: Added audio for Shed Mvt. 3.

Click here for previous updates to the following shows:

Eréndira the Warrior PrincessShedUnbridled, Kitty Hawk, Shattered, Kodo, VENN, Throne, Diamond in the Rough, Carry On, Tantalus, The Sky’s the Limit, Rebellion, REDemptionVoyageA Thousand Cranes.


Josh PowellNew Marching Band Shows for 2020