It’s Time to Get Ready for NEW Marching Band Shows in 2020!!!

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March 31: Added more images for Shed and a new storyboard for Divided.

March 13: Added more design images for Thrones.

March 5: Added new images for Kitty Hawk.

March 4: Added a new sample design document for Shed and new full percussion for Divided Mvt. 3.

March 3: New sound design for Shed is available.

February 26: New full percussion for Divided Mvt. 2 is available.

February 24: Added audio for Shed Mvt. 3.

February 24: Added audio for Shed Mvt. 3.

February 19: Added new Sound Design audio for Kitty Hawk.

February 18: Added new Sound Design audio for Venn.

February 17: Added new Sound Design audio for Unbridled.

February 10: Added a draft of the design document and new images for Shed as well as audio for Mvt. 2.  Also added new images for Shattered.

February 6: We’ve added the brand new show Shed.  We’ll continue to add more audio and design images in the next few weeks.

February 3: Added new live recordings for Venn.

February 1: Added a sample design document for Voyage.

January 31: New design document and images for Kitty Hawk and Thrones are available.

January 28: Added new design images for A Thousand Cranes.

January 23: New sound design for Shattered is available.

January 22: Added new full percussion for VENN Mvt. 3; new full percussion and sound design recordings for Kodo; new show images for Eréndira the Warrior Princess and VENN.

January 20 – New full percussion for VENN Mvt. 2 is available, and we added a sample design document for Shattered.

January 14 – New full percussion for VENN Mvt. 1 is available.

January 10 – Added new color guard costumes and flags for Kitty Hawk.

January 9 – Complete storyboard for VENN added.  New full percussion coming soon.

January 8 – New full percussion arrangements available for all movements of Kodo.

January 7 – Added new flag designs to Shattered.

January 6 – New easy percussion arrangements are available for Throne, and we added live recordings with the advanced percussion version.

January 4 – Added a sample design document for Kitty Hawk and new percussion for Kodo Mvt. 2.

January 2 – New show added: Kitty Hawk.  Also added new images for Shattered and Unbridled.

December 26 – Added a sample design document and full percussion mp3 for Kodo,  added more images for Eréndira, Throne, and Shattered.

December 12 – We have new live recordings for Shattered and REDemption.

December 11 – Added Throne.

December 10 – Added Venn DiagramKodoand Diamond in the Rough.

December 9 – More new shows added: Shattered, Carry OnTantalus, The Sky’s the Limit, and Rebellion.

December 4 – 3 new shows were added: Eréndira the Warrior Princess, Aspire, and Unbridled.  There are brand new recordings up for all 3, and we’ll continue to add more to each show over the next few weeks.

November 21 – We’ve added new full percussion for REDemption arranged by Brian Flack.  Click here to listen!

Josh PowellIt’s Time to Get Ready for NEW Marching Band Shows in 2020!!!