Introducing the Rosie Queen Signature Series

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FMP would like to welcome Rosie Queen to our great lineup of show designers.  Rosie has an amazing history in the marching arts that you can read about here.  Detailed storyboard, show, flag and prop designs by Rosie Queen, detailed musical notes from Michael Pote (Carmel H.S.) and Jeff Queen, and unique costume designs by Tommy Keenum at the Band Hall will give you the package design that you are looking for to take your program to the next level.  We make putting a show together easy for you—you can call Field and Floor FX (flags and props) and the Band Hall (costuming) and have all of our costuming, flags, and most prop needs taken care of in two phone calls. We also try to give you options depending on your budget for show design, as we know that sometimes resources can be limited.

We will be adding many more shows to our Scott Koter Signature Series and the Complete Concepts Series very soon.  Keep checking back to see what is new for 2019.

Josh PowellIntroducing the Rosie Queen Signature Series