An Update from FMP on Covid-19


Click the video for a message from John Fannin on our Covid-19 response.

Simple Contract Process

Fully Digital Contracts – All you need to do for this option is to contact us with your full name, the best email address to contact you, and the name and email address for the person that will be approving the purchase (Principal or Booster President). We will then generate a contract for you via DocuSign that will take you through the document and obtain all the needed signatures and information.  THIS METHOD IS SUPER EASY!!!  This is also our preferred method of submission, and might be the easiest way in our current situation (no in-person contact is needed to complete the contract). 

Contract Roll-Over

IF THINGS GET REALLY CRAZY and your 2020 season gets canceled, we will extend your contract to 2021 and negotiate a logical agreement that makes sense for FMP and your school. For those that select shows that require copyrights from third-party publishers: we’ve checked with Tresona, and so far all publisher seem to be committed to extending rights into 2021 if your 2020 season gets canceled (no extra fee).


THERE IS NEVER A PRE-PAYMENT required to get your show at FMP!  Contact us today and we can give you other flexible payment and contract options. We understand that there are many unknowns and we are committed to work with schools on a logical/flexible payment schedule.  We understand that it might 2021 when you pay us.

Bottom Line

We will make decisions that are smart for your program…… and FMP.

We want you to be our clients for many years to come. There are so many unknowns. You can trust us to work with you and your program to figure out a logical contract adjustment.


We suspect that a lot of directors will make last-minute show decisions for 2020.  We will be here ready to serve your needs no matter what date you are ready to get rolling. We will also be committed to getting you things on time and working with you to meet your schedules. We suspect that most people’s marching bands calendars will be affected in some way by our current state of mitigation. We will work with you and plan to be a great partner.


  1. Our drill designers and choreographers are standing by to make sure you are ready for 2020 – no matter what your needs are
  1. If you are ready to lock-in numbers ANYTIME in May, we will honor our May pricing for all drill services
  1. If you cannot lock-in in May, you will move up to June pricing, but we will eliminate all July pricing no matter when things settle for your program
  1. NO ONE will be forced to pay out a contract for 2020.  If your season is cancelled, we will simply roll your agreement over to 2021 – we will even give you the option to change shows for 2021 should you decide to go a different way or the make-up of your band changes
  1. As an added incentive… anyone that submits a completed drill contract by May 20th will receive one free Virtual Clinic from one of our award winning designers ($300 value).  This perk will also roll over to 2021 should you have to cancel your 2020 season

FMP is a company run by dedicated BAND DIRECTORS for BAND DIRECTORS!  We get it!  We are here for you in this crazy time and are dedicated to helping your program continue and grow to its fullest potential.   If you have any other concerns call us, text us, email, Zoom, FaceTime… whatever you need… we are here!

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